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"...if anyone is in Christ, he is a new
creation: old things have passed away;
behold, all things have become new."

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Quote of the Week

"In the pluralistic society that we see around us today, families that wish to pass their faith to their children are compromised by their inability to isolate them from the irreligious ideas of individuals or groups they come in contact with. Many mature, doctrinally orthodox Christian parents are sorrowing over wayward children and grandchildren. They feel they have done a reasonably good job of raising them and don't understand why they have left the faith. Parents can do an excellent job and yet have it be subverted by a trusted friend or schoolteacher or anyone the child comes in contact with who impresses him or her favorably.

Sports figures, TV personalities, books, movies, popular music, and social media exert a cumulative effect on the mind of the growing, learning child or youth. To think that the cultural impact on the faith is negligible or easily compensated for is extremely foolish. It is a highly charged and relentless propaganda that drives home the message that there is no God. Perhaps the most insidious form this takes is simply the omission of any reference to God througout a book or movie or during the whole day at school. The silence is effectively a loud declaration of the non-existence of God." — Lou Poumakis

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